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frequently asked questions

how far in advance do i need to order a honeybox?

Your order needs to be confirmed at least 7 days before the date you need your Honeybox for. Your order will be delivered the day of your required date. Pickup is available from Te Awamutu. 

where can i get a honeybox from?

Honeyboxes are custom made to order in Hamilton. Delivery is available to Hamilton on weekdays after 5pm or unless organised otherwise. 

can i buy a honeybox with alcohol in it?

Under New Zealand law, you must have a licensed premise to be able to sell alcohol. Unfortunately, it is an extremely complicated process to obtain a license, so while we're working on it, alcohol is not yet available to purchase in Honeyboxes.

There is an amazing range of cute gifts that can be used as centrepieces from travel mugs to bath products. Got a funky centrepiece idea? Enter it with your inquiry here.

how much does a honeybox cost?

Depending on your selection of centrepiece and baked sweets, the cost of a Honeybox starts at $65 + the cost of your chosen centrepiece. 

Custom number boxes start at $50 for one number/letter, $90 for two and $95 for three custom boxes.

Please place an inquiry here with your specifications and i’ll send through a quote for your custom Honeybox. 

Each Honeybox may differ slightly due to availability of products at the time it’s made. Every Honeybox is hand crafted and placements and quantities of each sweet may differ depending on cookie shapes and sizes. If there is anything you can’t go without please add a note to your inquiry and I’ll do my best to accommodate. 

will my honeybox look exactly like the photos?

While I will always do my best to accommodate for dietary requirements, I cannot guarantee that all products within the Honeyboxes are allergen free.

Please submit an inquiry here and we’ll see what we can do. 

should i buy a honeybox if i’m allergic to nuts, gluten or dairy?

uh oh - i need to change or cancel my order!

If you need to cancel or make a change to your order, please send me an email or message ASAP. A change request needs to be received at least 3 days before your required date. If you need to cancel your order, at least 7 days notice is required. Requests made later than these deadlines may incur a small fee to cover some of the costs associated with making your order.

You can also move your order to a new required date and change your custom order. Otherwise, a full or partial refund can be made. 

When you receive your Honeybox, leave it at room temperature- don’t put it in the fridge! If you like, you can remove all the sweet treats and place them in an airtight container to preserve freshness. Cookies will be delicious for up to 14 days!  Lollies and chocolates will differ. 

how should i store my honeybox?

what do i do with the empty box?

Recycle! As long as the box is clean/free from oils it can be recycled with the rest of your household cardboard. 

Some alternatives: save it and use it for storage; use as a blank canvas & get creative; shred it and soak it in water and rebuild into a new shape; or give it to a kid (they’ll know what to do). 

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